Seafood Packaging Bags, Boxes and Supplies

At Wasserman Bag Co. we can help seafood vendors like you make a fresh catch even more eye-catching. We provide a variety of customizable seafood packaging that can differentiate your fish, crab, shrimp, clam, and oyster products from all the other goods at the wet market or the supermarket.

Brand your business using our customizable mesh and paper bags or get some of our tags. You can use our tags as labels or to list the attributes of your product. When all the seafood on the table look equally fresh and delicious, a few extra details on provenance and nutritional value can help shoppers decide which ones to bring home.

Ultimately, the durability of our packaging can be your selling point. We offer three types of mesh bags, which are recommended for holding shellfish because these lend them visibility and breathability. We also have boxes that are sturdy and leak-proof. Whether you need packaging that will protect seafood in a shipping vessel, market, or your customers' cars, Wasserman Bag Co. has the right bag for you.

Plain Mesh Bags 

  • 10 lb, 25 lb or 50 lb size
  • White, red or purple color Plain MeshPlain Mesh

Printed Mesh Bags

Chestnut Bags
  • 10 lb, 25 lb or 50 lb size
  • White, red or purple color
  • Stock or custom print available

Small mesh bags

Small mesh bags
  • Retail clam header bags
  • Heat sealed clam bags (18"- 25" lengths)

Misprint Paper Bags

  • Variety of sizes and construction available including some with poly liners
  • Please call for details
Misprint Paper Bags

Seafood Boxes

  • 100 count oyster box
  • 240 count oyster box
  • 50lb seafood box


  • Tags
    • Shipper and Digger print
    • Stock or custom design
  • Tag Hooks

Since 1924, we have been expanding our product line to meet the packaging needs of an ever-changing market. In addition to offering innovative types of seafood packaging, we also promote and sell bags for produce, ice, coal, and industrial uses.

If you have any questions about our products or if you can't find what you're looking for in our listings, call us at 631-909-8656 today! We'll answer your queries as soon as we can and we look forward to serving you.

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