Ice Bags, Coal Bags & More

At Wasserman Bag Co. we make sure we have the right packaging materials for each product that you sell. We are committed to providing you with the best packaging supplies by keeping ourselves updated when it comes to the latest trends in the packaging industry.

We offer high-grade bags for various purposes, from everyday use to more specific functions. Our products are unsurpassed in terms of construction and quality. Feel free to inquire about any of our products:

Ice Bags

Our ice bags can hold ice of varying dimensions such as cubed, crushed, and block ice.

These bags are intended for a variety of uses in the food service, medical, and agricultural industries.

  • Poly - These bags are available in various sizes. A poly ice bag can withstand rough handling as well as below freezing temperatures.

    • Poly 5, 7, 8, 10, 20, 25, and 40 lb sizes
    • Stock or Custom print

  • Paper - Our standard paper ice bag can hold up to 25 pounds of ice. It does not leak or burst easily even when wholly or partially soaked.

    If you want a bag that does the job well without hurting the environment, then a paper ice bag is your best bet. This bag is suitable for eco-conscious storeowners and ice companies.

    • 25 lb. 2 ply wet strength bags
Poly Ice BagPaper Ice Bag

Coal Bags

Our coal bags are made of high quality polypropylene material and are very durable. These can carry coal of various shapes and sizes.

These heavy-duty bags are intended for coal manufacturers, suppliers and exporters who want bags that can withstand long distance transportation and rough handling.

  • Polypropylene - These thermoplastic bags can store up to 50 pounds worth of coal and are ideal for bulk coal transportation.

    • 25, 40, or 50lb capacity
    • Can be custom printed

    Coal Bags
    • Paper bags are also available

Industrial Bags

We offer superior quality industrial bags that can meet even the toughest requirements in your industry. These bags offer optimum protection during handling, transportation, delivery, and storage.

  • Heavy Duty plastic bags
  • Polypropylene
  • Misprint or plain
  • Sewn or pasted open mouth bags
These bags are available plain custom print or misprint. Perfect for hardware, fittings, construction clean-up, carry out parts, etc.
Industrial Hardware and Plumbing Carry-Out Bags Industrial Heavy Duty Plastic Carry-Out Bags Polypropylene bags Sewn/Pasted Open Mouth Bags

The #1 Choice for All Your Agricultural Packaging Needs

Wasserman Bag Co. has always been a key innovator in the packaging industry. Since 1924, we have been selling and repairing packaging machines, and producing high quality packing supplies and offering them at competitive prices. Our clients include:

  • Farms
  • Farmstands
  • Nurseries
  • Produce Repackaging Firms
  • Coal & Ice Dealers
  • Seafood Vendors
  • Plumbing Companies
  • And companies from other industries

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