Innovators in the Packaging Industry Since 1924 - Produce Packaging, Mesh Bags & More!

Welcome to Wasserman Bag Company! We are a trusted supplier of high quality packaging solutions for various types of products. If you need mesh bags, produce packaging, or any other kind of packaging for your company's products, count on Wasserman Bag Company and we'll take care of the rest.

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Fresh produce and other items that are prone to spoilage need to get to your customers as soon as possible in the best possible condition. We offer:

Potato Bags, Corn Bags,
Onion Bags, Produce Bags,
Seafood Packaging, more >
Fruit Boxes and baskets


Our baskets offer the best protection for fruits and vegetables, especially during transport. We have different sizes depending on your needs.

Vegetable Boxes, Baskets, Clamshells,
Berry Containers, more >
Farm Stand Supplies

Farm Stand Supplies

If you need farm stand supplies that can be customized with your logo and brand name, we can provide you with various sizes of the following:

T-Shirt Bags, Roll Bags, Header Bags, Trays, Paper Grocery Bags, more >
Packaging Machines and Closing Supplies

Garden Nursery Supplies

Get all-purpose sacks, small bags, twine, and fasteners to hold down packaging. Plastic car trunk liners in various sizes also available:

Bags and Wraps, Car Liners, Wraps and Bags, more >
Garden Nursery Supplies

Closing Supplies

If you need stable and durable packaging, call us for:

Wire and Tin Ties, Staples, Twine, Rubber Bands, Produce Tape. more >

Wasserman Bag Co is a third generation packaging firm providing immediate delivery of: bags, boxes, closing supplies and packaging equipment to:

  • farms
  • produce repackers
  • farm stands
  • nurseries 
  • ice and coal dealers
  • the seafood industry 
  • plumbing houses
  • general industry

In addition, Wasserman Bag Co. also offers environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional packaging. For mesh bags, produce packaging, and more packaging solutions, call us at (631) 909-8656 today!

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